Blenders vs Juicers vs NutriBullet

We are all aware now about the benefits of drinking fresh fruit juices. Fruit juices can definitely do wonders in our health by preventing illnesses and other diseases from entering our bodies to giving us enough energy for the whole day at work. Some are good for rejuvenating our skin while some serve as good antioxidants for the body. In fact, the list of benefits is endless, thus, it would be crazy enough not to even try the hobby of drinking these delicious fresh fruit juices.

So how to make the best fresh fruit juices?

One can use the blender. Blenders are good for mixing, cutting or emulsifying fruits, vegetables and other food substances because it operates with a rotating blade. Blenders can be used both at home and commercial kitchens for they serve various purposes. Some of these are mixing and even crushing ice, make purees and smoothies of semi-solid ingredients, reduce small solids such as spices and seeds, thoroughly blend mixtures of powders and other liquids, and dissolve solids into liquids. Technically, you can throw in anything inside the blender and add other healthy ingredients such as yogurt or coconut oil to make your beverage healthier and yummier.

Another tool in making fresh fruit juices is the juicer. Juicers are tools for extracting the juice from fruits, herbs, leafy greens and other vegetables from its pulp. Basically, it separates and concentrates the nutrition – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients- naturally found in fruits and vegetables to allow the body to easily absorb the said nutrients rather than digesting its solid form. It produces a very liquid, concentrated and smooth beverage that essentially contains the whole quantity and quality of the fruit.

So after defining both, the question now is which is better, blenders or juicers?

Juicers and blenders have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of taste, I think you would enjoy more with the blender since it allows you to add other ingredients that can enrich the taste of the fresh fruit. You can explore with creating different flavors that you can enjoy. In terms of absorption of nutrients, juicers can win on this since juices provide you with higher concentrations of the fruits and vegetables. It has no fiber and pulp which makes assimilation of nutrients and energy into the blood faster. However, smoothies from blenders also have a health advantage through the presence of fiber in it. Fiber keeps the flow of sugar regular as your body prepares to digest what you just consumed and starts to enter your bloodstream. It will also have a cleansing effect on your bowel.

But what if a single machine can do both? I think that what makes Nutribullet more special because it somehow represents the best functions of both the juicers and blenders. Blenders are good for cutting and mixing your fruits and vegetables, while juicers are for extracting the core nutrition of these fruits and vegetables, and Nutribullet can do both of them for it pulverizes them altogether creating a highly concentrated drink that directly reaches your body’s cells. There is more guarantee that all the essential nutrients that we can get from fruits and vegetables are included in our drink because Nutribullet includes everything, from the skin down to its seeds.

Having fresh natural juices regularly in your diet can definitely improve your health. Juices are effective mediums to easily absorb all the vital nutrients and as discussed you can have or extract them in different ways depending on your needs and preferences. Just remember that the more nutrients that enter your body, the better that juice is.